Hey there beta testers,

I teased last week that we would push out a new API in beta this week and... it looks like we will be right to get it out tomorrow!

So keep an eye out for that!

We also have some extra stuff being pushed out this week, big thanks to our devs for getting this all done.

Expansion of address related resources.
- Add address related resources geo, localGovernmentArea, meshBlock,
commonwealthElectorate, addressDetails,
- Add more information from GNAF to address resource,
- Add information about geoscape (buildings) to address resources,
- Improved 404 messaging,
- Improved documentation introduction, examples and resource groups
- Relative links to resources,
- Include formatted address string with addressDetails,
- Include missing definitions to improve swagger compliance,
- Add and extend unit testing with focus on testing without external
- Dropping release candidate notation on versions

Update resource tags and address details
* Update resource tags on resources to add more details
* Remove unused address details fields

So check it out and let us know what you think.