Hi Beta Testers, 

As we continue to respond to your feedback on our APIs, we’ve developed a new feature that will reduce the number of calls required to identify the primary building at any given address. This time and money saver is designed to help you quickly and efficiently locate important details about an address and building.

The feature would be of benefit, for example, if you run a solar panel installation business that’s trying to validate local sales leads – you might just want to locate a customer’s house rather than the surrounding sheds and other secondary buildings on the property. If you’re in a rural or regional area, you’re probably surrounded by many potential customers whose properties feature a range of buildings at the one address. Our new feature will allow you to develop a business tool app to identify the primary building on a property and its suitability for solar panel installation, with a reduced the number of API calls (solar orientation, maximum roof height, average eave height, building height, building elevation, existing solar panels, 2D footprint, roof pitch/complexity and roof materials) required.  



Or perhaps you’re a fixed wireless provider that needs to determine the primary building on an urban site, or main homestead on a rural site, for installation purposes but don’t want to incur the expense of a time-consuming site visit. 




During initial testing of the PrimaryBuildingID feature for determining the primary building at an address with more than one building, we successfully identified the correct building in urban areas 68% of the time and in rural areas 47% of the time (on average).  


Now we’d like to know what you think. We encourage you to test the new feature – for free while it’s in beta – and provide us with feedback on whether it:

  1. is useful to you, or not, and why
  2. misses something important (such as a residence flag or reliability indicator)
  3. is of suitable quality for practical use
  4. is lacking in range (with suggestions for product refinement). 


If you’ve not opted into the PSMA Beta Program, you can do so here and we’ll issue you a key.

Feedback is welcome via beta@psma.com.au or you can hit us up on Twitter at @PSMAdevs.