Hi Beta Testers,

New to beta this week is more data from our Geoscape® dataset. The ‘OverhangingTree’ attribute lets you know if there is a tree intersecting the boundary of a building. We believe this could be useful for customers in the insurance or energy sectors. Don't leave risk to chance. Use this new data to reduce your risk profile and understand potential challenges with solar installation without the need for a site visit.

You can assess this data attribute now in the beta version of the Buildings API. Let us know what you think about it. Will it help your business?

Implementation Notes

For a given `buildingId` this operation returns a `true` or `false` flag, which indicates whether a tree overhangs the building footprint. In addition, the height of the tree is also returned. This additional information is also accessible by using the `include` parameter.

Intended use

The data can be used to determine insurance risk or complications for solar panel installation or performance.

We welcome all feedback on this proposed operation in the Buildings API. Would you find it helpful? What other operations would be useful?

Feedback is welcome via beta@psma.com.au or you can hit us up on Twitter at @PSMAdevs.

If you’ve not opted into the PSMA Beta Program, you can do so here and we’ll issue you a beta API key.