Hi Beta Testers,

As part of our valued Beta testing group, we’re providing you with advance access to the latest Buildings API feature. We’ve just added a reverse geocoder that provides another way into our award-winning Geoscape dataset.
You don't need to provide a location address, simply point us in the right direction and we’ll do the rest. So if you have a lat/long we can provide details of the closest building or you can set a radius up to 100 metres – feedback is welcome as we may increase this – and we’ll return everything within that range.

This could be particularly useful for those working with modelling for the telco industry. If you know the location of the towers, we can return the footprints and heights of all the surrounding buildings. This will make life much easier for both those working in the field to provide coordinates and the data teams running the modelling back in the office.

We’re capturing every building in Australia with a roof area greater than nine metres square. Our Buildings API can reveal a range of specific attributes for individual buildings. Once you select our ‘include’ option, the API will return whatever attributes you’ve requested.

If you have any questions as always, please reach out via beta@psma.com.au