We’re excited about upcoming changes to our API plans and pricing that make them simpler and give you more value. They’ll take effect early May. We’ll follow up in a week with the pricing, but here’s an overview to get started. Let us know if anything isn’t clear.

It doesn’t change how you use the APIs, but will help you get more value out of them.

Simpler pricing, one transaction cost

Your plan will entitle you to a certain number of transactions per month – the bigger the plan the more transactions. All calls, with the following exceptions, will be charged at the same single transaction cost. Exceptions:

  • Buildings are priced at 6 transactions for Urban and Remote Communities and 4 transactions for Rural Balance.
  • Predictions will be one-tenth (0.1) of a transaction.
  • Calls to resources without a valid ‘include’ are still free.

No more attribute pricing

We thought the attribute pricing model would help developers tailor their usage, but we found it was too hard to follow. So, we’re removing it to reduce complexity. We’ll no longer charge for discrete attributes in each call. You’ll still only be charged when we return data, but you won’t have to calculate what each call costs. It’ll be a fixed number of transactions per building or address.

The new ‘include all’ parameter With the removal of attribute pricing, we thought we’d make it easier to get all the attributes in a single call. The ‘include all’ parameter does exactly that. If you want everything, there’s no need to list it all.

Better value

These changes give you almost 10 times the value from the Buildings API. If you request all attributes of a building, right now you'll be looking at a call that costs you around 90 cents, but with these changes, it’ll only cost you 9 cents.

Predictive Address API rolled into Bundled Plans

To make things simpler, we’ll have a single plan for accessing all our APIs. We’ll remove the old Predictive Address API plans in favour of one set of plans that bundle all APIs. You won’t need to buy two plans to use the Predictive Address API and Buildings API. This lets you bundle your usage for larger volume discounts, saving you money.

How you’ll be affected

Grandfathering If you’re currently using the Predictive Address API on a paid plan, you can stay as you are. You’ll be ‘grandfathered’. You won’t have to change to a new plan if you don’t want to. But if you upgrade or downgrade your plan, you’ll need to move to a bundled plan. The good news is there are more bundled plan options, which should mean you can find a plan that better matches your usage.

Free plan ending Users of the free Predictive Address API plan will have 3 months to move to a new bundled API plan. After that, we’ll be disabling free keys. We think you’ll find value in our $15 per month plan. It’ll give you more transactions than the free plan, as well as access to one-of-a-kind APIs like the Buildings API.

We’d also recommend having a look at our Beta Program if you’re using the API for non-commercial use. You get early access to new features and can give us feedback, getting your suggestions into the final product. And it’s free.

If you’re a free plan customer and want to chat about options, have questions generally or want to make a feature request, please reach out at support@psma.com.au or use our Support Portal.

Useful Links

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