Hey Beta people,

We've got a new update to the Beta Buildings API. Below are the release notes, If you'd like to see more information or a different format please let us know at Beta@psma.com.au  

New Features

  • Geoscape 5 release data, a bump from 8.8 million buildings to 12 million buildings, this now means we have data on all capital cities.
  • Area - The size or extent of the building footprint in meters squared.
  • Estimated Levels - A very rough estimation of the number of levels of a building. A single story home has a level of 1.


  • Includes parameter handles white space - The includes parameter is now less strict and will accept whitespace after the comma when using a comma-separated list.
  • Buildings now state coverage type - The Buildings endpoint now lets you know what coverage type the data is, Urban, Remote Community or Rural, Where Rural doesn't have the same level of attribution as the others. 

Bug Fix

  • Fixed error messages not returning in API document - An issue with CORS meant failed calls were not returning the error message, this has been resolved. ​