Upcoming Buildings API changes

Hey there Beta Testers,


We've been listening to your feedback asking for a way to use the API without having to potentially expose your private API keys with your end users, to that end we're working on implementing Oauth2 into the API. The aim is not to replace the API key but give you a choice in how you authenticate based on your application of the API. That means if the simpler API key works for you it will continue to work, but if you need to protect your API key you'll be able to create temporary tokens for your end users.


Thank you for the feedback

Hi all,

Thank you for all the feedback so far, we are listening, we have our devs looking at what options we can add, so keep an eye out for API updates. 

Some of the options suggested include adding a bounding box, industry standard wfs, plugins for 3d environments, area searches within a region and more..

We really appreciate the feedback so keep it coming, it will only help us make the product better!




Predictive Address Verification Updates

Hi All,

We have updated the Predictive Address Verification API to allow filtering by state, this requirement will assist in situations where you are only concerned with addresses from a particular state, ie if you only want NSW addresses returned. Check out the docs if your keen for more information.

Shortly we will be releasing further updates to assist our users with more filtering requirements. 




Using the include query on a building ID

The beta Buildings API can be a bit chatty if you want to pull back more than one attribute for a single building ID. Because of this, we've added in an include query into the base level Buildings ID call that allows you to request multiple attributes for that building ID in one call.

To use the query you'd run make a get call to this endpoint /v1/buildings/{buildingID}/?include={attribute},{attribute},{attribute}

Example in curl


Buildings API Beta is LIVE

It's LIVE, 

The Beta Buildings API is now live, if you've opted into the beta you'll be receiving a key shortly.

We're trying something new with our API document, this one is built around Flasgger and allows you to test the API calls from inside the document. All you need to do is enter the API key you received in your inbox, or navigate to http://developer.psma.com.au/user/me/apps and you can see it there.