Simpler API Pricing

We’re excited about upcoming changes to our API plans and pricing that make them simpler and give you more value. They’ll take effect early May. We’ll follow up in a week with the pricing, but here’s an overview to get started. Let us know if anything isn’t clear.

It doesn’t change how you use the APIs, but will help you get more value out of them.


New Beta Feature - Overhanging Tree

Hi Beta Testers,

New to beta this week is more data from our Geoscape® dataset. The ‘OverhangingTree’ attribute lets you know if there is a tree intersecting the boundary of a building. We believe this could be useful for customers in the insurance or energy sectors. Don't leave risk to chance. Use this new data to reduce your risk profile and understand potential challenges with solar installation without the need for a site visit.


Have your say on primary building identification in our Addresses API

Hi Beta Testers, 

As we continue to respond to your feedback on our APIs, we’ve developed a new feature that will reduce the number of calls required to identify the primary building at any given address. This time and money saver is designed to help you quickly and efficiently locate important details about an address and building.


New Release of Addresses API (Reverse Geocoder)

Hey Developers,

We've released a new version of the Addresses  API. In this release we've added in a feature that has been largely requested, we now have a reverse geocoder. At this time it's a simple reverse geocoder allowing you to query the addresses endpoint with a latitude and longitude separated by a comma. In addition, you can specify the radius on that point to search the default is 50 meters. search results are returned in an ordered list from closest to furthest from the supplied lat long. We'd love some feedback on how we can improve the reverse geocoder.


We've got a status page!

Hey Developers,

We've taken on feedback and acknowledged that it's really important for you all to know when our services are up and performing as they should be. Because of this, we have implemented an automated status page that will display the current state of each of the APIs based on a bunch of automated tests. In the event of a test failure (an API call isn't working the way it should), we'll update the status of the status page and then update it again when the tests are passing. 


Beta APIs updated

Hey Developers, 

We've released a new version of both Addresses and Buildings API. This has the breaking change to standardizing to lowerCamelCase, the good news is as we've standardised now we shouldn't run into this kind of issue in the future. All new APIs will also follow the pattern of using lowerCamelCase.