Frequently Asked Questions

Click one of the Register links in the Developer Portal and follow the instructions. Before you can create a key, you will need to go to the Pricing page and select one of the plans to access the API products. We suggest starting with the Free Trial which gives you 14 days free access to 1000 transactions.

All of the currently available API products can be found here. We also have new APIs available for testing through our Beta program.

Data covers the complete national geography of Australia.

Yes, we would love to see you in our Beta program!

Log into the Developer Portal. Click My Account in the top menu and select Edit Profile from the menu.

Select the Opt-in for Beta Program checkbox and click the Save button. Within one business day you should receive a welcome email from us with your own unique beta API key. Learn more about the Beta program here.

Firstly, register an account in the Developer Portal. Go to the Pricing page and select a plan to access API products.

Log in to the Developer Portal. Click My Account in the top menu and select My Keys.  Click the Add a new Key button and follow the instructions to create an API key.

You can test our APIs in the Developer Portal documentation pages.

At the bottom of each page is a Send a Test Request section. Just enter your key in the Authorization field.

You can view the status of our APIs on our Status Page. Click Support in the top menu and select Status Page or click here.

Our Status Page also provides information on incidents and maintenance events.

Pricing for our plans and products is laid out on the Pricing page for our Bundled API Plans.

All API calls deduct 1 transaction from your balance with the following exceptions:

  • Get Suggestions in the Predictive are 0.1 transactions
  • Urban and Remote Community buildings are 6 transactions per building
  • Rural Balance buildings are 4 transactions per building

The number of transactions available in a monthly billing period is restricted by the allowance available in your selected plan. Information on Bundled API Plans and their available transactions are available here.

No, it is important for you to monitor your own account balance to ensure your service does not stop working.

Log in to the Developer Portal. Click My Account in the top menu and select Billing. Your amount used and current balance is displayed.

If you expend your balance before the end of the monthly billing period you will need to move to the next pricing tier. For information on how to upgrade see How do I upgrade my subscription?

Log into the Developer Portal.

Click My Account in the top menu and select Billing.

On the Billing page, click the Upgrade Plan button. Choose a new pricing plan and click the Buy button.

For more information on Geoscape API offerings, please email
You can contact us by clicking Support in the top menu and selecting Support Portal or sending an email to

Verify that the key you are attempting to use is exactly the same as the key in the My Keys area of your account.

Ensure you are using the correct key. Keys issued for Beta use will only work for Beta API endpoints.

If you continue to experience problems, please contact us via the Support Portal.

Share your ideas with us by submitting a suggestion or feature improvement through the Support Portal. Click Support in the top menu and select Support Portal or click here.

Any restrictions are laid out in our Terms and Conditions available here.

We offer a 14-day free trial. Click here for more information on our Plans and Pricing or contact us at if you would like to discuss how we could help you.

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